13-08-2014 - Round-table discussion seminar on the use of heat pumps in energy supply of buildings


On the 8th of August, 2014 the round-table discussion seminar "Heat pumps use for buildings energy supply" was held in Riga City Council premises’. The seminar was organized by Energy Efficiency Information Center of Riga Energy Agency in cooperation with the Latvian National Geothermal Association (LNGA).

There were the following topics in the seminar: experience with implementing and monitoring of ground source heat pumps (HP) with vertical thermal probes in Riga pre-school education buildings, river water heat potential of centralized heating and cooling supply,  experience of practical implementation of HP with vertical thermal probes in the project of complex energy efficient renovation of the multi-apartment building,  basic assumptions for heat pump design and construction for buildings heat and cold supply, wastewater heat utilization advantages of energy-efficient buildings.

Participants of the discussion - designers, engineers, energy auditors, housing managers, trading and teaching stuff agreed that the most efficient heat pump systems for energy supply of buildings are those which are used in combined heating and cooling modes.

Presentations can be found here.