05-09-2013 - The Partner Search Forum (hereinafter - Forum) of the EEA Grants 2009 - 2014 Programme "National Climate Policy"


On the August 29th Partner Search Forum was held  in the main building of MoEPRD (25 Peldu Street, Riga, Latvia) which is the Programme operator of the “National Climate Policy”. The Forum was financed from the EEA Grants Bilateral relations fund. To participate in the Forum were invited state institutions, local governments, scientific and educational institutions, private enterprises and NGOs. The participants had an opportunity to get information about the open calls planned in the programme “National Climate Policy” as well participants participated in two thematic groups: “Low carbon content technology solutions” and “Capacity building and knowledge improving in the field of climate change”.  Participants performed  brief presentations about their institution/company (scope of business, project ideas).

The Forum was organized as the matchmaking event for potential cooperation partners from Latvia and the Donor states of the EEA Grants. The forum attended representatives from 23 Latvian institutions – business, government, universities, and associations: Zemgale Regional Energy Agency, Riga Technical University, Department of Housing and Environment of Riga City Council, , Latvian University, Latvian Fund for Nature, Kokneses County Council, the Latvian National Geothermal Association and others.

Norway represented at the event while the 5 institutions: Misa AS BELOW AS, Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Asplan Viak and the Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research.