05-07-2012 - EGEC news


EGEC website informs on the latest developments of geothermal branch.


• The association from California, USA - Geothermal Resources Council - offers title and author citations for more than 30,000 papers, articles, books and other geothermal energy publications through the unic geothermal information data base (library);


• EGEC has issued the newsletter in June. It contains description of the latest geothermal activities in the several countries last month;


• Also two strategic planning documents of geothermal  research are available online now:
Strategic Research Priorities for the Geothermal Electricity presents the vision of the European geothermal electricity industry. It completes the Strategic Research Priorities for Geothermal Technology (heating & cooling). Starting with the present situation, the vision sets out in global terms how geothermal stakeholders see the future development of their industry. It reflects the basic features of geothermal electricity production, the way the systems are expected to evolve and how the industry and associated stakeholders should evolve to make it happen. Strategic Research Priorities for Geothermal Electricity aims to draw a realistic picture of how a European Geothermal Electricity production industry can be built, which will effectively lead towards developing a reliable and sustainable source of energy and providing numerous jobs for all kinds of qualifications across the area.