28-04-2011 - Announcement of geothermal activities in Riga


On the 27th of April, 2011, the first geothermal international conference "Geothermal resources in the Latvian municipalities" was held in the Riga City Hall. The first geothermal international conference in Latvia was organized by Riga Energy Agency in cooperation with Latvian National Geothermal Association and JSC “Rīgas siltums”. Between 52 participants of the conference were scientists, representatives of ministries (Ministry of Environment and Regional Development, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance) and several foreign embassies in Latvia, also municipal employees, representatives of professional associations and business entities.

There is highly-ranking potential of Geothermal energy use in Latvia, which was evaluated in the years before reinstatement of Latvian independence - in the framework of a few prefeasibility studies in Latvian territory - searching for oil deposits. After 20-year period of relative stagnation - growing again activities of the recent years culminated in establishment of the Latvian National Geothermal Association (LNGA), international communications, also development of specific objectives and their inclusion in the strategic development documents. One of these goals is the establishment of a pilot petrothermal CHP station in Riga with the power capacity of 3-4 MW and 30-40 MW thermal capacity, which was included the Riga Sustainable Energy Action Plan 2010th-2020th. Several EGS plants already are in operation in Europe and elsewhere. With experience in geothermal CHP plant construction and operation conference participants shared Hungarian company "PannErgy". The conference speakers presented their studies, plans and problems. The professional associations pointed out their positions, in order to coordinate a joint partnership of arrangement of legislation, terminology and other issues.

Conference presentations (in Latvian language) you can download here.


"Latvian National Geothermal Association the aim and tasks" (110 Kb)
Aivars Cers, Latvian National Geothermal Association (LNGA) Board chairman
"Smart Life and Energy in Central and South-East Europe" (47.8 Mb)
György Horuczi, PannErgy (Hungary)


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